“Practicing in the Upper Valley for 20 Years, I’ve heard a lot of critiques of where people get their care. [Her] work has been noteworthy as a problem solver for people frustrated with their hearing. She has both the technical aptitude and personal touch my patients spontaneously share with me.”

– Adam Schwarz, MD

“…professional and caring, and sensitive to all hearing issues…[having] a sense of humor – a necessary requirement with my many tales of mistaken interpretation!!”

– Betsy, a Johnson Audiology Patient

“[You] stand head and shoulder[s] above most… Your technical skills are incredible to behold. We admire the fact that you listen patiently to us, never are in a hurry, and you deploy what is needed, not what has to be sold for the given month. You smile and identify with your patients.”

– Albert & Pauline, patients

A series of live interviews was conducted with patients as well as medical colleagues.

For reasons of privacy, these respondents must remain nameless. However, everything here is a direct quote from the answer to a question asked of each of these people, all of whom are in the New Hampshire area.

I recommended Johnson Audiology Because...

“I feel like she hears and understands.”

“You’re going to get thoughtful care and honest answers.”

“You’re going to get a professional honest evaluation. They know what they’re doing.”

Because of Johnson Audiology...

“I have hearing aids that match me well and I can hear well.”

“I’m better informed and better equipped to deal with my hearing loss.”

“I’m most likely happier than most of the people my age who have hearing aids.”

“I have a better appreciation for and more patience for people who can’t hear.”

Johnson Audiology Makes Me Feel...

“Unusually comfortable.”


“Heard. Understood. Respected.”


Things Colleagues Say...

“[They’re] is skilled in being able to test patients. This is often an underestimated skill. Some patients will feign truth. [They’re] good at reading them and at spotting red flags. Very astute.”

“She shoots straight.”

“She knows the science, and her motivation is to do right by the patient.”

“She’s really good in terms of tact and can work with people who have difficulty dealing with their hearing situation.”

“She’s a remarkably good audiologist. Her skills are as good as they could possibly be.

“They know the answers and can make you feel good about them.”

Things Patients Say...

“[She] recognized my wife’s situation but wasn’t an alarmist. She facilitated things well, smoothly and in a beautifully tactful way.”

“She’s so refreshing.”

“She’s the first individual to approach things from a complete scientific evaluation. I can’t sing her praises more.”

“I’ve always been personally amazed at how much she’s willing to help.”

“I like that she’s a Doctor of Audiology.”

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