Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids, And Other Things Audiologiocal


Comprehensive Audiological Evaluations

What you hear is important, and there’s only one way to determine what that is: with a comprehensive audiological examination. A proper hearing test is the gateway to understanding your situation. We listen to you and your story, we examine your audiogram, and we work with you to make informed choices about treatment. Click here to book an evaluation.

Hearing Aids—Fitting, Adjusting And Repairing

Proper fit and adjustment is key to getting the most out of your hearing aids. Whether you need new devices, or you have existing hearing aids that require adjustment or repair, our aim is to help you have the best hearing possible. Click here.

Wax Removal

Yes, sometimes it really is that simple: ear wax buildup can make it difficult to hear. Also known by its medical name, cerumen, ear wax is a naturally occurring substance. It protects the skin in your ear canals. It’s a natural cleaner. It’s a lubricant. It also protects against bacteria, fungi, and water. And when excess buildup occurs, or it becomes compacted, it can block the ear canal, press against the eardrum, and can potentially cause hearing loss. 


Onsite Evaluations At Kendal At Hanover

This is a service for residents at Kendal At Hanover retirement community. If you’re a resident there, you may book an appointment for our onsite clinic.


Compensation And Pension Evaluations For Veterans

If you’re a military service veteran looking for a C&P exam, we are Veterans Administration contracted providers.